When to call

If you are worried, have concerns or persistent complaints, please contact us. You can always check in early or we can reassure you.

Emergencies, childbirth and worries:

06-54 942 751.

You can call the midwife on call when you are in labor or in case of emergency.

If the midwife does not respond:, call the buzzer 06-650 209 31.

Explanation Buzzer

  • Dial the Buzzer number 06-650 209 31
  • After the voicemail greeting, enter the phone number at which you are reachable
  • End with #
  • Free the line
  • We will call you back within 10 minutes

When to call:

During the entire pregnancy:

You feel uneasy or concerned
High fever

At 20 weeks pregnant and onwards, call us if:

You experience headaches or vomiting or
You suddenly retain a lot of moisture/edema or
You see flashes of light or
You experience ongoing pain in your upper stomach or back.

You have a bad fall or if you bump your stomach.

At 26 weeks pregnant and onwards, call us if:

If you do not feel the baby move as much as you are used to when resting.

Always up to 37 weeks:

You feel uneasy or concerned
Your water broke or you have abdominal pain or back pain that comes and goes.
You have vaginal blood loss

Additionally, call us immediately when you think you are in labor.

At 37 weeks pregnant and onwards, call us if:

If you are more than 37 weeks pregnant, take a look at our When to call page under Childbirth.

Your pregnancy: Feeling your baby move

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