Check-ups during pregnancy

Your body will undergo big changes during your pregnancy. We will schedule regular pregnancy checkups to determine whether these physical changes still correspond to the normal course of pregnancy. Your health is the main focus of our care.

You will have regular pregnancy checkups during your pregnancy. At first these checkups will be once a month, later on in the pregnancy they will be more frequent. These checkups are intended to monitor both your health and the development and growth of the baby.

Our mdiwifery practice offers many different care-related services that are required during your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period. For instance, we built an all-round diagnostic imaging center in close collaboration with the ‘Stichting Huisartsen Lab’ (SHL). Additionally, blood testing and other laboratory research can also be done at our midwifery practice. One appointment at our midwifery practice can entail multiple pregnancy-related services: the ultrasound, laboratory research and the consultation with your midwife can all take place consecutively. This way we can give you an immediate explanation and take action if necessary. Another matter that is important to us is to make a custom-made obstetric care plan for all pregnant women. This plan describes your needs and developments, so that they can be the primary focus during your pregnancy.

During every checkup, we will review the health status of you and your baby, and we will determine what you need for a healthy pregnancy. The information and advice that we give you will be straightforward, honest, and custom-made, and together we will do a risk analysis.

We often collaborate with gynecologists who work at hospitals in the Hague. If necessary, we can schedule a consultation with a gynecologist from one of the HMC hospitals – Westeinde and Bronovo – at our practice. During this consultation, one of our midwives and a gynecologist will discuss with you what the best course of action is.

During the checkups, we will gradually get to know you better, and build a relationship of trust. This relationship will facilitate a good preparation for the delivery, and will hopefully allow you to ask us any questions, even if they are difficult or intimate.

A schedule of your pregnancy checks

Duration: approximately 15 minutes

At 8 weeks pregnant

Checkup after 5 to 6 weeks

Until 20 weeks pregnant

Checkup every 4 or 5 weeks

At 25 weeks pregnant and onwards

Checkup every 3 or 4 weeks

At 32 weeks pregnant and onwards

Checkup every 2 or 3 weeks

Between 30 and 36 weeks pregnant

You will have an appointment to make and discuss your birth plan, approximately 30 minutes

At 37 weeks pregnant and onwards

Weekly checkups

At 41 weeks pregnant and onwards

Check-ups every other day

You can document your preferences and expectations with regard to your delivery in a so-called birth plan. This birth plan is for you, your partner, your midwife and other health care professionals.

The birth plan is intended to show us what you consider to be important. We will follow the birth plan if the medical conditions allow us to.

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